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First Fresheners
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Photo by: Dill Pickle Farm
DOB: 3/3/02

Pecan Hollow DAJ Snickers
Sire: Little Rascals Dance A Jig
(SD: Piddlin Acres Flashdance - SS: Flat Rocks Romanov)
Dam: Little Rascals Lollypop
(DD: Little Rascals Lana - DS: Briar Hill Little Big Man)

Snickers is a buckskin doe and is 20" at withers. She has a white body with black and tan front.  She is a wide doe with a nice appearance and excellent rib spacing.  Her skin could be a little more pliable and her rump slopes slightly. Snickers kidded on 9/8/03 with twin does. Both will be retained. She has a very nice first freshening udder with good attatchment all around, though her teats point out slightly.